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Achan Fon DeeSawang & Achan Aik

UPDATED *9-8-2013*
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Achan Fon was a great white robe master 60-70 years ago. Achan Fon was born on B.E. 2426 at Ayutaya. When he was young he have a sick and lose his nose. At the age of 10 his parents send him to the temple to study. Last time they study at temple. Achan Fon is different form the others after study for a long time he don't know anything beside how to write his name. The abbot of the temple at that time is Luang Phor Krot, he pity Achan Fon because of Achan Fon has no nose and all of his friends hate him. So Luang Phor Krot ask Achan Fon to learn metta khata. Although Achan Fon don't know how to studies but he can remember khata very well. He learned the khata with very short time. After he knew how to use the khata, he started to try. He read the khata and he goes and met the people who hate him. Suddenly the people who hate him become very friendly with him. So, his is very happy and wanted to learn more khata from Luang Phor Krot. So, he when back to the temple, unfortunely Luang Phor Krot had passed away. He feels very sad and when into Luang Phor Krot room and he found a few book of khata. Because of Achan Fon don't know how to read, he ask his friend to read the khata for him and he remember it all. At the age of 20 something he became a monk. He when into the forest to practice, accidentally he found a temple name Wat KaiFa and the abbot of the temple is Luang Phor Dee. Luang Phor Dee pity him and let him stay. Achan Fon is very hard working when he stayed at Wat KaiFa, he help to clean the temple compound everyday. One night, Achan Fon go and find Luang Phor Dee at his room, but Luang Phor Dee is not at room and sudden he saw Luang Phor Dee walk out from a bumble. He knew that Luang Phor Dee is a very powerful monk and want to be his student. But he doesn't know when he will have the chance. One night he hears voice of cry form the forest, and he when to see what happen. Then Achan Fon saw a women with old custom, the women said that she is the god of a very old tree (TongDartKian). She wants Achan Fon to help her and said when the time come Achan Fon help her and Achan Fon will be reward. Achan Fon just when back and sleep after that, the next morning Achan Fon saw a lot of people wanted to chop down a very old tree only then he understand why the tree god want his help. Achan Fon ask the people to stops, the people do not listen to him and wanted to beat his. Then Achan Fon stand a side and started to read the metta khata, and he again ask the people not to chop the tree and the people there promise will not chop it. After a few days the tree god do come and give the reward to Achan Fon, which is a khata book. The tree god give the location of the book and ask Achan Fon go to find it. Achan Fon do find the book, agian he ask his friend to help his to read. He friend said that all the khata in the book in special, in the book there have khata of stop boolding, khata to heal snake poison, khata to turn leaf into bee and more... He master all of the khata, he know that he had learn something that is different from other monk. So, Achan Fon started to show off his power, he use knife to cut his leg and heal his leg in front of the public. After that he when to stayed at Wat SaKiat the temple of Sangkarat Keaw. He also show off his power there in front of the public at Wat SaKiat. The monk there told his ask a monk he cannot show off his power because it is against the practice of Buddha. He knows that his is still like to show off his power so he turn himself from a monk to a white robe master. So he started to go around, whenever there is women who laugh at him because of his had no nose, he will use khata and make love with the women and after that he will let the women go. If he saw women he like he will also use khata to make the women his wife. So Achan Fon have a lot of wife and son. So many people in Thailand said that Achan Fon metta power is greater than Khun Paen, because in the pass when Khun Paen want a women his need to take thing and read khata and give the thing for the women to eat by that only he can get the women. But Achan Fon just need to look at the women and read khata then the women will be his. So Achan Fon metta power is much more greater than Khun Paen. Achan Fon is a master different with the other, who ever want to be his apprentice need to let their hand for the snake to beat and let Achan Fon heal. In years 2480 Achan Fon told his students and devotees that there will be war in 3 years time. All of them do not understand what Achan Fon mean. In years 2483 war really happen, which is the war that all of us know IndoChina war. Thai King invited monks to made thing for the soldier to wear and protect them and the only white robe master that had been invited is Achan Fon. Because Achan Fon do not know how to write so he use knife cut his mouth and put his blood in white cloth to make blood phayant. Soldier who take Achan Fon blood phayant all were safe and no ever one dead in the war. Achan Fon pass away in years 2489 at the age of 63.


Achan Aik is now one of the very famous white robe master is Bangkok. Achan Aik learned Achan FonDeeSawan magic stuffs, Achan Aik is now the 4th generation and also last person who are still a life that know Achan FonDeeSawan magics. Achan Aik strated to learned magic stuff at an very early age, as early as 6 years old. Achan Aik is also a famous tattoo master is Thailand, he started to tattoo at the ages of 17 at Wat BangPhra. He learned how to tattoo from Luang Phor Pern of Wat BangPhra. Untill now he had already tattoo for about 20 years. He also got made Achan FonDeeSawan pendants. Many people after wearing thing made by Achan Aik all of them have a new turn in their life. Achan Aik is student of Achan FonDeeSaWan, Luang Phor Pern Wat BangPhra, Luang Phor Hup Wat TongSai, Luang Phor Ngern Wat PakLongMaKamTao, Luang Phor Nai Wat BanJeang, Luang Phor SangGa Wat TeWaRut, Master BuWonGonBai, Achan Payoon and more.

Achan Fon Rian Roon 2 Ner Ngern (Silver) 2548 Made 50 pcs


Achan Aik Palakit Sumrid


Made and Blessed by Achan Aik at year 2550. Palakit sumrid made only 199 pcs.

Achan Aik Blood Naman


All Achan FonDeeSawan pendants, amulets and takruts made by Achan Aik are very good for protection, wealth, changing fate and metta power. All thing you ask from Achan Fon will come true if you truly believe him. Wear it and you will know it!!!

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