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UPDATED *9-8-2013*
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LPKhoon Wat BanRai Rian Lang CheyDee 2538


LPTae KhongThong Wat SamNgam Kalai Ngern


LPTim Wat PhraKhao 2540 Rian Ner Takua Bok Tek Niyom Roon Chana Chorn


LPKasem 2538 Rian Ner Thong Leuung


Malaysia Miraculous Monk Porthan Yong 2525


Made by Porthan Yong at years 2525. This batch pendant is the only batch made by Porthan Yong of Wat Bakar Bata. Porthan Yong is the only one disciple of great LPLinDam (Porthan Orchick) that have a lot of miraculous happen after getting blessing or wear pendants made by Porthan Yong.

There was a teenager when to camping, he was chopping the fire wood with the axe and he mishap and chop his hand with the axe. This is where the miraculous happen, the teenager feel very pain and thinking that that's the end for his hand. But when he look at his hand, there in nothing happen just a red line on the hand. After that he realize that he is wearing Porthan Yong pendant given by his father. After the camping he told his father the incident and the news spread out all over.

LPPakTheung Wat DanChaLennChai Loket ArYut 72 Pi Lang Takrut 3 Dort


LPDum Rian ThongKhao Lang Takua Kap Takrut ThongDeng


Blessed by Luang Phor Dum of Wat ShanTiTham.

LPDum KaiPa Ner Phong Si Khao


Blessed by Luang Phor Dum of Wat ShanTiTham at year 2552. With Luang Phor Dum hand written yant.

LPYit Rian Lang Code Chang


Blessed by Luang Pu Yit of Wat NonJok at year 2535.

LPYit Rian Ner ThongDeng


Blessed by Luang Pu Yit of Wat NonJok at year 2535.

LPYit Rian Lor Sema


Blessed by Luang Pu Yit of Wat NonJok at year 2535.

LPUnn Rian Lor 5 Leam


Blessed by Luang Pu Unn of Wat TanGong at year 2548. Made 600 - 700 pcs only.

LPPian  Rian Nang Phan


Blessed by Luang Phor Pian of Wat KengKeTin at year 2549.

Rian Achan SiNgern 2541


Blessed by Achan SiNgern of Wat DonSoLa at year 2541.

LPHong Rian Apaka 2544


Blessed by Luang Pu Hong of Wat PetchBuRi at year 2544.

Achan Nong Rian NaKat


Blessed by Achan Nong of Wat Sai Khao at year 2537.

LPKloy Rian Roon 3


Blessed by Luang Phor Kloy of Wat PuKalThong at year 2551.

CKChin Loket


Blessed by Chao Khun Chin of Wat Muang at year 2547.

Porthan YietDam


Porthan YeitDam is teacher of Achan Khun Phan Tarad Rachadech. This amulet is made by Wat SaLaPai at years 2548.

LPSin Lang Phra Chinnaraj


Blessed by Luang Pu Sin of Wat Lahanyai.

LPUnn Met Tdang


Blessed by Luang Pu Unn of Wat TanGong at years 2549.

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